Zahra Afshari

Dr. Zahra Afsahari is a psychodynamic therapist, helping people to gain insight into their lives and present-day problems. She also evaluates patterns people develop over time. Through this, she reviews certain life factors with a person in therapy:

• Emotions

• Thoughts

• Early-life experiences

• Beliefs

She recognizes recurring patterns that can help people to see how they can avoid distress or develop defense mechanisms to cope. This insight may allow them to begin changing those patterns.

The therapeutic relationship is central to psychodynamic therapy. It can demonstrate how a person interacts with their friends and loved ones. In addition, transference in therapy can show how early-life relationships affect a person today. Transference is the transferring one’s feelings for a parent, for example, onto the therapist. This intimate look at interpersonal relationships can help people understand their part in relationship patterns. It may empower them to transform that dynamic.

She also encourages people to speak freely about their emotions, desires, and fears. Being open may help reveal vulnerable feelings that have been pushed out of our conscious awareness. According to psychodynamic theory, behavior is influenced by unconscious thought. Once vulnerable or painful feelings are processed, the defense mechanisms reduce or resolve.

She also works with clients ages 10 years old and above.

Area of interest:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Family counseling
  • Couples therapy
  • Anxiety, trauma
  • Life transitions
  • Question of identity and purpose
  • Psychodynamic, social justice, body image
  • Somatic and present- moment therapy
  • Sexuality and intimacy

Qualification and Membership:

  • Doctorate in clinical Health Psychology from Payame Noor Tehran University of Iran
  • Master's in Clinical psychology from Islamic Azad University of Iran – Tehran

Therapeutic Approach:

  • Psychodynamic therapy

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