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Respect your elders because they are the reason we are who we are today. LifeWorks offers compassionate care to seniors who are dealing with mental health issues.

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Thank you for visiting Eldercare Counseling Services. We offer a comprehensive range of psychological and mental health psychiatric and counseling services to the elderly. Our Counselors are fully licensed and provide compassionate care.


Our programs and services honor our elders
We offer a full range of mental health services to the elderly, their families, and nursing home staff, as well as assisting the elderly in their homes and continuing care retirement communities.


No additional costs

Because our services are covered by insurance, our programs are provided at no additional cost to the facility. This enables us to provide much-needed community counseling at no additional cost to you.

Professionalism and care are applied to essential services. We conduct psychological assessments, develop individual treatment plans with individual and family counseling, provide therapy treatment programs, and develop specialized mental health programs all on-site where our dedicated team assists your staff in monitoring the community’s mental health.

Our experienced and dedicated team All of our employees are licensed mental health professionals who are compassionate caregivers with geriatric counseling experience. Our licensed staff all bring a wealth of experience and a sensitive approach to providing counseling and psychological services to your residents.


Crisis Intervention LifeWorks provides additional support in addition to the Employee Assistance Program through crisis intervention caused by unexpected incidents that occur to individuals, families, groups, or at the workplace level.

Corporates can contact LifeWorks for these specialized services and provide a brief explanation of the situation. Then, a psychologist from LifeWorks will assess the situation and provide a crisis intervention plan. Following the session, LifeWorks will make recommendations to the company on how to avoid post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in the workplace and how to help everyone dealing with a crisis cope better individually and collectively.

Strict confidentiality and privacy At LifeWorks, crisis intervention is a one-of-a-kind service that aims to provide immediate assistance to clients in extreme distress. It aims to reduce the intensity of an individual’s emotional, mental, physical, and behavioral responses to a crisis and restore pre-crisis functionality.

Grief Counseling We understand that grief is personal and that people react differently; therefore, LifeWorks provides psychological support to individuals and corporations dealing with grief-related situations.


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