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LifeWorks team has assisted organizations of various sizes to greatly reduce behavioral health care costs, while increasing employee productivity and retention.

Give your employees a wellbeing program for themselves, family and elderly. According to Gallup, disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity and 15% lower profitability. When that translates into dollars, you’re looking at the cost of 34% of a disengaged employee’s annual salary, or $3,400 for every $10,000 they make.

Our Resolution EAP Model led by certified counselors, utilizing the an upward spiral approach, help individuals explore and ultimately resolve problems that could be impacting performance, happiness or success in one’s life. On average *94% of employees’/dependents’ issues are managed within our Solution-Focused Resolution EAP Model —avoiding additional claims costs.

LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program

LifeWorks Approach
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LifeWorks Approach

LifeWorks follows a unique healthcare approach whereby mental health is addressed effectively in a mindfulness approach.
Over the last decade, our team at LifeWorks, have been working diligently to enhance the mental and emotional well-being of clients by providing services under girded on mindfulness, compassion and care. The uniqueness of our healthcare approach is that we believe in the importance of mental health impacting our Physical health and overall wellbeing.


LifeWorks delivers compassionate service to help connect members with the most appropriate resources available to them.
We believe EAP mental health services should be through confidential, on-line or face-to-face counseling — not just over the phone. Although telephone access is important during a crisis, members should be able to share personal and private concerns with a licensed mental health professional with complete confidence.


LifeWorks carefully chooses qualified mental health counselors (Psychologists/ Psychiatrists) and EAP service providers to be part of the LifeWorks Service provider team. Our experts are knowledgeable in a broad range of life issues and understand how personal challenges may impact work performance. LifeWorks team communicates in over 8 different languages (including Arabic and English). Employers can feel confident that their employees will be treated with respect and dignity and that their concerns will be kept completely confidential.


At LifeWorks we remove barriers to getting help. We connect members to appropriate counselors and resources quickly and conveniently.

  • LifeWorks Counseling services are available by Phone, WhatsApp, Online Consultation, Crisis Intervention, Webinars & Workshops, Mobile App Support, Dedicated PORTAL & Website Booking or in person.
  • Members can also peruse lots of self-help and self-service areas on our LifeWorks Wellness Portal.

Services & Pricing

EAP services for corporates

LifeWorks EAP service helps organizations identify and resolve problems that can impact employee work performance and personal well-being. We design a program and pricing to suit your specific organizational needs.

Request a quote or call 04-2245736 or visit for more information.

Employee EAP Support

Employees can seek assistance either on-line, face-to-face, WhatsApp, also use our dedicated Mobile App or by telephone for any of the following mental health concerns

  • Stress, anxiety or other emotional problems
  • Family, marital or other relationship problems
  • Child/adolescent parenting issues
  • Chemical dependency concerns
  • Issues related to grief, loss and life stages
  • Work-related concerns
  • Health-related concerns

For Employee Parents and Elderly – Care Assistance

  • Housing and care options
  • Assessment
  • Resources for Independent Counselling
  • Safety planning
  • Transportation to centre arrangement

LifeWorks EAP

LifeWorks team has assisted organizations of various sizes to greatly reduce behavioural health care costs, while increasing employee productivity and retention.

Our Resolution EAP Model led by certified counsellors, utilizing the an upward spiral approach, help individuals explore and ultimately resolve problems that could be impacting performance, happiness or success in one’s life. On average *94% of employees’/dependents’ issues are managed within our Solution-Focused

Resolution EAP Model —avoiding additional claims costs.

  • Employee and management education about the employee assistance program
  • Educational and promotional materials (newsletters, brochures, resource guides, and more) for use with employees and managers
  • Workplace training and development
  • Critical Incident Response services
  • Quarterly utilisation reports
  • Management consultation/HR consultation
    • Employee performance
    • Conflict Management at Workplace
    • 360-degree feedback service
    • Awareness Webinars on mental health and related topics at home & at the workplace

Pricing Options

Per-Employee Pricing

  • Customers pay an annual fee per employee; pricing does not fluctuate based on usage. All services and program promotion materials are provided at no extra charge as part of the EAP Contract.
  • Ideal for: most companies, especially companies with more than 500 employees

Fee-For-Service Pricing

  • In this base-plus arrangement, customers pay LifeWorks an annual administration fee that includes all services and program promotion. Some unique Services are then charged per usage.
  • Ideal for: companies that have less than 500 employees.

Retainer Pricing

  • Customers are charged a one-time setup fee to complete the contractual/setup process. Services are charged at a retail rate, and program promotion can be purchased. Electronic promotion is available at no cost.
  • Ideal for: companies that have an embedded employee assistance program that covers some, but not all, employees.

More Information

Please call 04-2245736 or email to discuss how LifeWorks can benefit your organization. You may also request a quote.

Benefits of an EAP

EAP Benefits
In general, people see better results when they can resolve a personal problem before it grows into a crisis. For example, an employee who is ready to punch his toxic co-worker will have better results in his long-term career if he calls the EAP for some counseling than if he goes through with his plan.

When employees benefit from EAPs, their organizations benefit as well. Both sides can enjoy the results of improved productivity, reduced costs, increased morale in the office, and a reduction in turnover, accidents, and absenteeism.

With a tight budget to manage, you might be wondering if investing in an EAP is worth it. According to the U.S. Department of Labour, for each dollar invested in an EAP, employers can save five to 16 dollars.

The reviewed findings across 21 studies related to return on investment (ROI) conducted by employers and their managed care providers. These ROI studies assessed the efficacy of corporate health and productivity programs. All of the programs reported a positive ROI, ranging from $1.49 to $13 per dollar spent on the program. It is noteworthy that the mental health program showed one of the highest ROIs.

Employee Assistance Programs
Return-on-Investment Studies
Company ROI Ratio
Chevron Corporation4 $14.00: $1.00
General Motors5 $3.00: $1.00
L.A. Dept. of Water and Power6 $3.00: $1.00
McDonnell Douglas7 $4.00: $1.00
United Airlines5 $16.95: $1.00

Moreover, Community Care Employee Assistance Program reports that EAPs can reduce:

  • Sick leave usage (33 percent)
  • Work-related accidents (65 percent)
  • Workers’ compensation claims (30 percent)
  • Lost time (40 percent)
  • Grievances (50 percent)
  • Time spent on supervisor reprimands (74 percent)

An effective employee assistance program (EAP) helps resolve personal issues so employees can focus on positive aspects of their lives and their work.

Improved Employee Performance
When you hire employees, they come with skills and experience — and personal issues. Employees distracted by personal or work-related problems can mean decreased productivity, higher absenteeism & presenteeism and increased potential for workplace accidents.

Increased Manager Performance
Human resource professionals, managers and supervisors often find that employee problems can take an overwhelming amount of time. When a manager can refer employees with personal or work-related problems to LifeWorks, managers have more time to focus on work-related projects.

Better Organization Performance
When employees have a confidential, convenient and professional resource, they will use it, get the help they need, and be more productive and satisfied. When managers know they have a place they can refer employees, they will be able to focus on managing performance and productivity.
When employees and managers are focused on work, organizations benefit. Everyone wins.

Insurance Allied Partners & Consultants

As Insurance allied partner or consultant, you are an expert in the area of employee benefits. As an employee assistance program (EAP) provider of more than 10 years, we are experts in the area of employee assistance services. LifeWorks partners with brokers and consultants to design EAPs that meet the specific objectives and budgetary requirements of their clients.

Partnering with LifeWorks
Employment-related studies demonstrate that employees who experience overall wellness and life satisfaction are more productive, have better attendance, and use fewer health insurance benefits. Our goal is to help LifeWorks members live productive and satisfied lives, which ultimately enhances the effective business operation of your clients.
When your customers evaluate employee benefits, they may also ask about EAP options. LifeWorks will meet personally with your client to explain the benefits and cost-saving advantages of a quality EAP. We can work with you to quickly create a program that can be easily embedded within any employee benefit package.

LifeWorks Service Model
Our high-touch and adaptable service model helps managers, as well as employees and their families, through whatever challenges they may face.

LifeWorks provides:

  • Management consultations and train-the-trainer sessions
  • Onsite and electronic orientations and awareness generation of EAP benefits
  • Critical incident response services
  • Customized training options
  • Quarterly utilization reporting
  • Quarterly print and electronic newsletters and posters
  • Individualized member services, including behavioral health counseling, elder care services and many more options.

Explore Partnership Options
Please call +971(4)2245736 or email to discuss partnership options.

Employer Resources
LifeWorks is here to make sure your employee assistance program is implemented as smoothly and successfully as possible.
LifeWorks supports employers with a variety of resources, from EAP promotion services to critical incident response assistance. Plus, we’re always just a phone call away

EAP Promotion
When it comes to implementing an employee assistance program (EAP), active promotion is vital to ensure employees benefit from the services available to them.
LifeWorks works closely with client organizations to employ the communication tools that are right for their workforce.

Member Orientation Sessions
LifeWorks provides sessions for members. These presentations clearly explain the benefits available through LifeWorks, how to access the program, the types of services available and other important aspects, such as confidentiality.

Orientation Video
The video below provides a summary of the services available to employees. Send it to your employees for their individual viewing or project it during a meeting to give your employees an overview of LifeWorks.

Manager Orientation Sessions
Managers and supervisors play a vital role in the promotion and utilization of the EAP. Lasting about 45 to 60 minutes, manager orientation sessions describe LifeWorks services in depth. Managers will also learn how to make mandated referrals to the EAP.

Train-the-Trainer Sessions
Train-the-trainer sessions help prepare benefits administrators and other human resource personnel to explain LifeWorks services to new employees or managers throughout the year. Printed materials and PowerPoint presentations are provided for on-going use or to place on your company’s intranet site.

Promotional Materials
LifeWorks provides a variety of materials to help managers and employers promote their EAP, so employees are informed and reminded of the valuable services available to them.
Materials include:

  • Posters: Produced quarterly to post in work areas, break rooms and other areas visible to employees. View past posters.
  • Online resources, such as overview sheets and PowerPoint presentations
  • Desktop Placards cards that include information about EAP benefits and a Wallet card to fit in a wallet or purse.
  • Quarterly newsletters: online newsletters that include topics relevant to managers and employees. View past newsletters.

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