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HAYAT program – FAHR

Federal Authority for Government Human Resources provide moral support to all employees of the federal government, the launch of the “Hayat” program aims to reduce the consequences that may result from the exceptional circumstances that the world is going through, and the pressures, challenges that may affect the mental and social life.

“Hayat” program is based on following main points:

  • Promoting institutional awareness of the importance of mental and moral health of employees.
  • Enabling the employee to achieve a balance between work and social life and to make sure we are providing the necessary moral and psychological care for all employees.
  • Create the required balance for employees intellectually, physically, and emotionally.
  • Emphasizing the values of compatibility between institutional and functional goals on the one hand and personal aspirations on the other.

The launch of Program for the Federal Government employees “Hayat” in cooperation with a social and psychological support center specializing in providing counseling and support in mental and moral health, in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded between the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources and the competent center.

Accordingly, employees of the federal government can communicate and request support for mental and moral advice through one of the approved communication channels and use the digital card to obtain free consultations (four free consultations per employee), or to obtain a 30% discount includes employee families from first class (spouses, children and parents) when using the paid services (after using the four free services).

Employees can also replace the digital card by using the service reference number when communicating with the center (FAHR3247):


With confirmation that all consultations will be dealt with in strict confidentiality and it will be between the employee and the center and All consultations will be dealt with completely confidentially and will have a prominent role in enhancing the psychological and moral health of employees, especially in light of emergency circumstances.

The following are the process steps for benefiting from the support and psychological and moral support program for employees of the federal government “Hayat”:

  • Employee to contact the helpline via Phone Call, WhatsApp Text or an email identifying himself with a code given to the employees of the Federal Government or by providing the ID card.
  • Employee to describe his emotional or psychological issue via an email or WhatsApp Text.
  • The program team reviews the submitted application and performs the initial examination and evaluation.
  • EAP team will review the employee’s inquiry and provide the details to Psychologist for evaluation.
  • Psychologist provides recommendations, which includes referrals to some articles, books, videos, quick tips or for a one to one session if needed.
  • The psychiatrist communicates with the employee and provides advice and guidance based on the case.
  • The employee follows the advice of the psychotherapist and takes the advice provided to him. He can also call back to discuss any development or to seek advice in any emergency matter.

In the current emergency circumstances, “LifeWorks” Center holds individual online sessions.

To benefit from the Mental Health Support Services for free, you can contact “LifeWorks” Center through the following channels:

Please note “LifeWorks” Center accepts the following Insurance agencies :

  • Nextcare : GN, GN+
  • NAS : EN, CN, GN
  • Neuron : GN, GN+, Comprehensive, Advantage plus
  • Oman : Premium, Comprehensive +
  • Pentacare : Penta 1 and 2
  • AlBuhairah : Comprehensive, Comprehensive+
  • AlMadallah : GN, GN+
  • SAICO : Gold, Amber, Bronze
  • Metlife : Gold, VIP

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