LifeWorks Care Plan

Care plan provides direction for individualized care of the client. The care plan is a means of communicating and organizing the actions of professionals involved in the care of a client.

As part of healthcare professional client collaboration in treatment planning, LWHCC will provide clients with individualized care plans, consisting of pre-planned treatment services. Clients will have a copy of this care plan and it will be utilized throughout their contact with the team. The care plan will also help the patient understand how to fully utilize LifeWorks care and will include the previous treatment approaches when revisiting the center.

Each client will have a client/patient coordinator to coordinate the support required from LifeWorks. Clients who may require support during initial stages of the treatment plan and during crisis situations will be offered free phone support by LifeWorks client coordinator. Clients would receive a phone call from the coordinator as per the agreed components of the care plan. The care plan will be amended regularly during follow up appointments as per the clinical review.

We suggest clients who already have a care plan and have been seeing the psychiatrist or psychologist to contact our center for further guidance and support during crisis situations.

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