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The LifeWorks has a vision to expand its operations to different parts of the world starting with the UAE, keeping the same ethos and values at every location.

Author Dr. Shankar Srinivas Kuchibatla

Sleepless in Dubai? Maybe love; maybe it’s AD!

No sleep, no appetite, no enthusiasm for what’s happening around you? Maybe you’re in love, and congratulations… Read more

Why the secrets?

Why do you think couples struggle with being 100% honest? Unrealistic expectations It is human to lie… Read more

Both parents are essential

Both parents are essential Read more

Stress is the major cause of parental negligence

Depending on the age children may develop a subsequent phobia towards leaving a parent in even supportive… Read more

Motherhood: A conscious decision?

When was the last time you were in public and saw a child throwing a tantrum, with… Read more

UAE residents gripped by anxiety disorders

Stress can cause acne and other skin problems Stress and anxiety are “common” ailments in the UAE… Read more

SUC 3rd Counselor Workshop attended by 50 schools from UAE

The counselor workshop aimed at providing trainings and lectures that are necessary to improve and strengthen the… Read more


A recent Huffington Post columnist sparked an online debate, with her 10 reasons for banning handheld devices… Read more

Smoking Cessation

Don’t give up giving up. Smoking remains the world’s major preventable cause of early death. Reductions in… Read more

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